Monday, May 2, 2011

Some Funny, and Some Not So Funny...

      Stacy and I were just talking about all the funny little things that the little boys are saying lately and how we need to blog them for memory's sake...well tonight my little Coop was sitting on the couch by Tristan and he had taken his shirt off, so Coop thought he had to too... they sat there playing with Tristan's iPod and all of a sudden Cooper points at his "boobs" and tells Tristan "I don't like my boobs, I want yours!". Me and Eric couldn't help but laugh at him, I mean where in the world did that come from???

Little Stinker!! He also told Tristan while riding in the car, "aww man, what is wrong with you??"!!!

Eric also told me that the other day, they were waiting on me to come out of church, and Coop said "where is mom??? I mean this is ridiculous!!!". It is so funny coming from a 3 year old! He makes me smile. :)

On another note...I went in Madi's room to make her find all of this...which would be enough to make a momma mad....but as I was cleaning up some of it, I found this...

My "sweet" little Madi decided to write her name on her carpet!!!! I mean what was she thinking???? Really??? And she usually only writes "Madi", but no, she wrote her full name!!!! So needless to say, she is grounded, no more markers for awhile....

and she is looking forward to a "date" night with this guy Friday night at church, so we will see how the week goes...hmmm..

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