Thursday, August 12, 2010

Fall Sneak Peek

      Ok, I know it is like 104 degrees outside, and the middle of August, but I am so ready for fall!! So since it's too hot to do much outside, I decided I would start playing with a few fall ideas inside....
I found these orange pillows today at Kirkland's, and fell in love with them! I think orange is my favorite color right now. I feel like I need a pumpkin candle burning to go with it all...

And then while I was at Mrs. Walker's the other day, she had these little salad plates, her table looked so cute and fallish! So yes, I copied her! Her house just looked so pretty and smelled so good, good inspiration!

I made the flower arrangement today, I wish my picture was better of it, because it has some orange flowers in it too. I will see if I can get better pics...

I had most of the flowers, except the orange colored ones, so it was easy to throw together.

Here is a close up, you still can't really tell which ones are orange, but they are an orange red color. I have several more ideas going through my head for fall, so maybe when the kids get back in school I can finish some things around here!!!


  1. Woo-hoo! I need to copy your pillows! LOVE those! And, I think I have that blanket too, ha! I almost bought the placemats today as I thought I saw them on a blog somewhere - but, then I remembered where I saw them. {wink} And, I seriously CANNOT believe you put those flowers together...beautiful.

    You should see my house now! ugh! We are camping. Literally.

  2. Great job! Love the arrangement!!

  3. Your really good, have thought about being a florist or were you one at one time? It is a very fun job, doesn't pay a ton but rewarding and fun and you can be creative. If you do custom pieces for people you can make money. Great job!!