Monday, November 29, 2010

A Little Christmas Decor

      I have been dragging all the Christmas decorations out, well they have been out for about 2 weeks now...I keep fixing it, then tearing it a part...but I have managed to get a few things the way I want.
Just added some little red feather trees to the table ...

This is a glimpse of my tree...

And this is on the sofa table behind the couch...

And this is the mantle, the pic really doesn't do it justice...
It is much prettier in person. I just need to break down and get a better camera.
I need to show a before of this fireplace, we will eventually cover the ugly brick with faux stone, but until then, this is what you get.

Maybe I will finish this up before  Christmas gets here!!!


  1. Beautiful as usual!! Can't wait to see it in person!

  2. Will you come and do mine?? Ha! It looks gorgeous!!

  3. {hint, hint, hint} someone, but, i'm not naming names needs to have a Christmas get-together! not saying that would have to be you or anything. but, you know, since it's up and everything, you wouldn't want it to go to waste. i would suggest a progressive type thing so we could see everyone, excluding me of course, because it would be new year's before you got back home! BEAUTIFUL!