Monday, November 28, 2011

Happy 4th Birthday Cooper!!!

     I can't believe my little Coopster is 4!!!!! You are such a little "ham" in our world, always keeping us on our toes!!!

Cooper- 4 years old
November 6, 2011

Here you are with Papa on Rusty, you love to ride the horse!!!

You love to "cheese" it up for the camera!

Cooper, you are such a fun and amazing little boy!!! We just never know what you are going to say, which can be good and can be bad!!! Your favorite color is orange, just like Tristan's. You look up to Tristan so much, I hope that you two always have a good relationship together. You will just about eat anything, you are a eating machine!!! You Love to play outside, whether it's 115 or 30, it doesn't matter to you! You love to play equipment, just like daddy! Your best friend is Easton, you two are very, very, funny when your together, heaven help me and Stacy!!! You are such a blessing to our family!!!
We Love You!!!
Dad, Mom, Tristan, and Madi Bell

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