Monday, March 1, 2010

Where are you Spring?

      Where are you Spring??? It can't get here quick enough!! I feel the need to start "spring cleaning", whatever that means?!?! I don't know if you can spring clean a house in chaos all the time, with a remodling project around every corner, a layer of sheet rock dust the lays atop every piece of furniture you own. If I make it through this, I don't know if I will ever do it again! Unless I can live somewhere else while it's being done.

       I am ready for spring....the smell in the air, the pretty flowers and ferns, and most of all, some baseball. This year we will be treated to two children playing and I can't wait! Tristan started practice on Sunday and Madi will start practicing soon. Those little boys look so sharp in their baseball uniforms, makes a mom's heart skip a beat. Little Miss Madi will be giving her first shot to tee ball this year too, which should really be interesting..... I know that when all the practices and running around start, it gets a little wild, but oh how we miss it when it's gone. So bring on Spring and bring on the baseball!
I just love these pics of the boys....they were taken the summer of 2008. They are "priceless" to me.
Pics were by A Moment Captured By Shannon Walker

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  1. I think that layer of dust from when we remodeled is still here!! Good luck getting rid of it!