Monday, March 22, 2010

Boys Weekend

      Greetings all!!! Hope everyone had a great weekend??? I did! I was home all alone with Madi and Coop for the weekend, and we ate out a lot with my parents, went shopping, and slept in!! It was nice!! The boys had an all boy weekend camping. Better them then me! Ha! They loaded up and left out Friday evening with the Carter boys and Mr. TS. They returned late Sunday night and I think they had a really great time hiking and mountain bike riding. They hit several National Parks in Arkansas. Their weather was better then the snow we got here!!
Braxton, Peyton, Mr. Eric, Tatum, Tristan
I think Tatum slept a lot in the car! Don't know how he could with those other 3 boys talking all the time!
I have never heard of this park, but they said it was really nice. It was the park they did a lot of riding at.
Nimrod Dam
This is where they camped at. Evidentally, Tristan tried to get them kicked out by cutting wood too early in the morning! The people in the tent next to them were yelling at him to "cut it out"! She finally just gave up and got up and went to the bathhouse. Quiet hours were over, so they were in the right.
Peyton, Braxton, Tristan, Tatum
Ahh, eating outside which always taste better for some reason, except, that they were eating "dry" sandwiches, no mayo, mustard, ketchup, nothin', just meat and bread, yummm!!! They forgot all of it in the fridge at the camper.
I think this was the most excited Tristan ever got in any pics, he doesn't like his pic taken, guess he was having a moment!

I think he looks a little scared!!! Concentrate, concentrate.....
This is a great bunch of boys. I hope they had a great weekend and made memories!

Hope everyone has a great spring break week. Enjoy it! Hope you all have a blessed week!!!


  1. What a wonderful time! Those will be great memories for them all.

  2. What great memories. They will remember forever! I think it is awesome they are all such great friends.