Friday, March 5, 2010


     Isn't it funny how when they are 2, they just love to brush their teeth, but then somewhere in time they hate it?? Atleast that is the way it is at our house, I have to threaten the oldest to do it or put more effort into it, but this little guy, he is ready all the time. He just used just a little too much toothpaste...
We had to tell him he had a little left on his chin...
I think he was thinking, that if I close my eyes, she won't notice when she walks by???
This look was, but mom, I am just trying to clean the cabinet top!
This was the look of maybe if I look sweet, she won't be mad???


  1. Absolutely precious and soooo true. I almost have to threaten to beat Daks to get him to brush. He's in 6th grade...these habits should start kicking in! Their sink/countertop always looks like that and I've scolded until I'm blue in the face. I am not the maid!!

  2. Lauren is the same way. Loves to do it but when I need to do it she doesn't want too. I wrote a post on this a couple months ago. My boys wanted a Touch N Brush. We have a mess like this probably every other day.

  3. Looks like our countertops! I get so mad everytime I go in there since they are 7 and 9 years old and should know better! :)