Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Coopster

     This post is memories for a mommy, aka me. I just want to take the time to remember some of these moments of this little guy. He is the little guy I spend my days with, and I couldn't wish for anything more. Coop is so different then the other two, he gets into everything, he jumps on furniture, he figures out how to climb up and get stuff off of shelves. Those that know Tristan and Madi know's that is not the way they were! They were kind of the "mother may I" kind of kids, Tristan still is. But if you keep having kids, your bound to get one that will do all these things! He is just at the age where they are so funny and learning so much, talking so much, it really is a fun age and it goes by so fast. Here are a few snapshots I have taken of my litte Coopster lately, he is a ham.
His shamrock hat he made at school.
He always wears goggles, maybe not the right way, but safety first is his motto.
Sporting his cowboy hat and his didi with his lip turned in.
This is usually what I get when I get the camera out...when do they learn to do this???
His dad thinks it's funny to fix his hair weird. I wonder what Eric would look like with his hair done this way??
This is Coop on most mornings laying watching "twains" aka Chuggington.
This is fuzzy, but so cute I think!
These are his new Cars pjs, he is crazy about Cars! We watch in the car about twice a day, by the time we wait in line. He tells them each, nite nite.

When we decided to have a third child, I had mixed emotions about it, I just knew it would be hard with three, but now I can't imagine not having this little Coopster in my life!


  1. HA! I didn't get any "mother may I" kids! Count your blessings! Easton sure is glad you had "Pooper" and so am I! We are crazy together!

  2. He is adorable!! You are so blessed!