Sunday, January 31, 2010

Winter Wonderland....

January 2010
     Good Evening!! I hope everyone has had a great snow filled weekend! Or in my case a "food" filled weekend! What is it about the snow, that makes us want to eat??? For no reason at that! The snow really is beautiful!! The kids love it, I loved it when I was a kid too, but now it is just pretty to look at! I am more of a warm weather kind of girl, show me some white covered beaches, and I would be all over that! There is nothing really exciting to post about this weekend, since we have been snowed in, so I will just post some winter pics. I hope everyone has a blessed week!!
Tristan, Madison, Cooper
You can see how thick the snow is on the railing! Ignore the dead plants, I was just hoping they might come back for spring, but I think I am out of luck!!
Coopster in his cars hat!
This is why I don't like snow now, this brings home the monneeyy, and now it will sit here till this melts!! Yuck!! Which means I have two kids at home to take care of!!
Ahh, these chairs, if it was summer sitting by the pool, dreamland!!
I love this pic, two sweet, sweet little boys after a long day in the cold, looking at tractor books together! Makes me want time to stand still sometimes, they grow up so fast!

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  1. I miss my friend! Well, I miss all of my friends, but poor seem to get the brunt of my crazy sorry!

    And, btw, very thankful when I think back to my very first t-ball practice with Noah. You were the first one I met at practice (had already met Mandi - another neat story for another day) but, I think about that day often - you were so nice and it has not been forgotten.