Friday, January 15, 2010

Friday Night Fun!!

       Well it's Friday night!! We are having a good ol' lazy night tonight. We went to Geno's for dinner, then to grocery store to pick up some molten cake and ice cream for later, and now it's off to lay on the couch and watch some tv. I don't really get to do that much, so it will be much appreciated! I have been working on a little project today, I am posting two little sneak peeks! It's our master bedroom, and it is a work in progress. The color is still growing on me, it is really nothing like the rest of my house, but I wanted it to be soothing.
Anyways I found these 4 mirrors at Kirkland's on clearance before Christmas for $6 a mirror, which is really a pretty good deal. They are nice thick mirrors. I really would have loved to have bought mirrors from Ballard's Designs, but not in my budget!! But I think these are working for me so far!
       Hope everyone has a great weekend!!!

Those sweet little hands are Madi's and Tristan's in the pic, love it!

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