Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Secretary and Her Assistant...

       Just a quick post to say I'm drowning in tax info.... I hate this time of year!! For those of you who don't know we own a small business, and I am the lucky little secretary! Which means I get to go through piles of paperwork to sort and figure, fun stuff! I might be more excited if I thought I was going to get a big fat refund, but I will say probably not, even with a weak economy. But I just pray I break even, the beach is calling my name this year!!! The kids have been begging to go forever, so hopefully this will be our year! So I will get back to my taxes, and hopefully be back shortly with something a little more exciting to write about! Hope your all having a good week!!

This is my assistant ready to go outside. (Don't mind the pink, that is what happens when you have an older sister!)

He is so happy to be at work, he even gets to wear his pjs!!


  1. That is just too freakin' cute!!

  2. Get with it sister!! Get it done and over with!! It feels so good! I hope it goes well, cause the beach is calling my name too!

  3. Cooper is precious! Love the expression in the second pix. I soooo feel your pain on the taxes. I am Darin's personal tax secretary and I hate it. Actually, I have to hunt and gather all needed info for the cpa. Why don't I do better throughout the year? UGH!