Sunday, June 12, 2011

Outdoor Entertaining On a Budget

      We love to host swim party's here at our house, but lately I have been frustrated with not having enough "table" space for people to eat at. And I am on a budget right now, a really tight I decided to see what I could make do with here at the house without going out and buying another table, because I have been looking and outdoor furniture is just like regular furniture, over priced big time!!! So this is what I came up with....
My new "old" mixed matched patio dining set, and I think I just might love it!!!

The table is Tristan's desk from his room, which is not in use right now, since were out for summer.

The 100 year old church pew from my office, I am kind of missing it, but may have another idea for there too...

And you'll remember the wicker chairs from here...

And this table bit the dust during one of the many storms we had, so I used the chairs from it...

I think it turned out pretty cute, we have even had dinner two days in a row out here!!

The pillow I got at TJ Maxx recently, and the toparies I got years ago, they were hidden in the bathroom closet!! :)

And while were out here, I painted my door black, and the ferns are not the ones from last year, they passed away in February....sad day for me. But I have high hopes for these to live past winter this next year!!

This is another little project I have been working on....and I say that because these silly things want to die on me...I mean they are evergreens, how in the world can they die????

This is my front porch, it looks the same as last year for the most part.

I did add a palm tree over in the corner...

And I painted this door black too!!! If you didn't know, my favorite color is black!!! I did get a new wreath for this door, something that would stand out a little better. Oh, and I found these "tops" at the antique mall one day, they were a deal!!!

So this is what I have been doing around here lately...there is much more to do, still tweaking some things outside, I have big dreams on a very tight budget!!!!

Happy Decorating!!!

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