Sunday, April 11, 2010

Some Springtime Decorating and a Truck!

      Hello Everyone!!! Hope your weekend's were great??? We had a pretty nice and quiet weekend for once and it was really nice!! We did some plant shopping and started doing some sprucing up around the house this weekend. We got to mow the yard, we went to Rock Island and bought some ferns. I got to start empting the flower pots with all the left over dead plants from last year. It is always nice to see new life brought back to the deck. We didn't get finished at all, just the start, but I will post some of the pics of the changes made so far.
The wreath on the front door. I need a new front door really bad, but for now I am just covering it up with a wreath!
A new fern for the front porch and my new pillows from Garden Ridge!!! I love them!!!! And they were so cheap!! They look like something from Ballard's Designs. I still want to add something else to the porch, but I will have to study it for a while.....
Close up of the pillows, did I say I love them, because I do!!! Ha!
I bought these this weekend and put them out in the yard for a pop of color. Sorry the sun was shining when I took the pic, I will get a better one later.
Here you can see it a little better. I am loving lime green, if you can't tell???? My house is a dark brick and it had to be something that would stand out!
Ok, here is a better shot of the chairs, this is before I decided to add the pillows to them.
This was all I got to on the back deck. I am waiting on Eric to power wash the deck and stain it, before I put everything out. But him and the power washer got in a fight today....need I say anymore ladies??? Evidentally it wasn't working right!!
My favorite flag, so summery!!
And last but not least, my hubby finally got a much needed and wanted new "used" truck!! We love it, all of us can fit in it!! He is a very hard worker and has done without a nice vehicle for years now, he really does deserve it!! He is like a kid on Christmas morning with it!!

I hope you all have a blessed week and I hope you can see God's work somewhere in your life or around you, look and you will see.....


  1. I love the damask. So funny, Stacy said you all went shopping at GR. I told her that I was there that same day in Ohio and that I bet you bought the damask pillows since she mentioned you found some pillows. What a good guess.. I love them. It all looks so nice, I like Lime green too. My husband would love that truck. He had one when I met him and then we have had a few cars through the years and the last car he drove forever. Now he has a really nice car I wish I could drive with my 3 kids, ya right. He still wants his truck though. Maybe someday.

  2. Looks likes Summer at The Goodwins! Everything looks very nice. Congratulations on the much needed truck!

  3. I love Garden Ridge!! It looks great! Can I hire you at my house? HA!