Thursday, April 1, 2010

Lunch "Dates"

      Hello ladies!!! Well I had a lunch date today with several "dates" at the table, we had a full table today and it was great!!!! So wonderful to get together with each of you friends. Oh, how we as moms need this quality time to sit and talk with other mom's! It's wonderful!!
Stacy, me, and Shannon- I wish you could see Shannon's hair better, it was beautiful!!
Mandi and Tonia- forgot to get a pic of Miss E!
Suzanne and Tara- Cute hair Tara, she just got it cut off!!
And I have to add a pic of my little guy before we left for "skool"!!
And here is a snapshot of Madi at tee-ball practice, she loves it!
And Coop loves it too!!

What a great day today!! I enjoyed it!!

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