Thursday, April 22, 2010

Tristan's 3rd Grade Performance

      Good Evening!! Hope everyone is having a great week??? We are! Tonight we went to the dreaded music performance or atleast that is what Tristan thought! He begged and begged not to go, didn't want to sing in front of everyone. I asked if he had a solo I didn't know about, he said no, so I said were going! This mommy wants atleast one more stage performance on video! He is growing up so fast, and he is even getting that little attitude with it!! Must come with every model at this age. He still is such a good kid and I am proud of him! They did a great job tonight, singing their little hearts out. My pics from inside didn't turn out very good, where is Shannon when you need her!! But here are a few snapshots afterwards of some good ol' friends!
Tristan and Braxton, there were like 5 camera's going, so they really didn't know which way to look! And Tristan will not smile for me, it's like pulling teeth!
Tristan and friends.
I just love all of Collin's facial expressions, he was fun to watch tonight!!
This was as still as they would be for me, but here are two best buddies. Sad to think about the day they will be standing there after there 3rd grade performance!!
And these two, well what can we say??? I took this pic for the wedding one day!!
This is really a cute little pic of these little sun babies, well big girls they would say!
And we can't forget me and my buddy. I was really hoping for more of a face pic, but I guess Eric wanted to show what we were wearing. I look like I could float away or pregnant, which I am not, but it looked better at home in the mirror! But Stacy looks cute as usual!
And one more of this sweet little boy and his sis!

We had a good evening!

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  1. Love all your pictures!! You DO NOT LOOK PREGNANT!! You look adorable!! You and Stacy are beautiful girls.