Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Dining Room Table

           Well I decided to start a little decorating around here, it is hard to get motivated to decorate a house that is being remodeled! But something sparked my interest and I started messing around with the dining room table after I cleared all the GKS off of it. And I wasn't going to post pics, because I don't really feel it's "done", but what the heck, it will change always in this house! You see this is my passion, I am definetly not professional grade, some of these blogs out here amaze me, but I so enjoy it, and when I get in a zone, it's just a great feeling! So here is a sneek peek of what I have been doing!
I am trying to put in some summer colors, like the green. My favorite color is black, and I use it everywhere!! I have had this table and chairs for 8 years now, I bought a basic color, so that it wouldn't go out of style, I would love to recover them, but I am probably better off just adding my color on top of the table! I do spice it up a little later though! 
This is a close up, I love the little pear! A matter of fact, I bought it twice, not on purpose, just because I love it!
I got these flowers from Wal-Mart , just stuck them in the vase, very cheap flower arrangement!
Side view. I will try to get a wider pic eventually, but this room is really one big room, the couch is right on the other side, and that side of the room, well it's still stuck in the 80's!!
And here's where I decided to spruce it up!! Add a little zebra, it's wild!!! This piece was in the foyer with pillows on it if you remember, but now I think I am liking it here! Girls sometimes you have to shop your house, you will be amazed at what could work in another room or somewhere else with a different purpose.
There it is in the corner, I like it there too, we will see who wins out! Because now I will have to replace it with something else over there!
I added a throw and some pillows to my chairs, just because it adds warmth to it. This is not an everyday table, we only use it for "family" dinners, so it can look like this. This would not be practical for my two year old!! Especially the furry white rug!!


  1. Beautiful!!! Come over to my house and be creative!

  2. You make me sick!!! But, I love you!!! :)

  3. Beautiful!! You have the touch!!

  4. I really like it. You would like the blog southen hospitality and savvy southern style on my side bar. They look like your style. How would you describe it? Traditional with a sassy flair? Very neat!! Love animal prints and damask too. If I only had a million dollars I could do this all day. I love going to furniture stores!! Those chairs would be pretty easy to recover if you ever get sick of them but I think they look fine.