Monday, July 26, 2010


     Good Morning!!! Well we made it back from our vacation safe and sound! I was physically exhausted when we got home, but after a good day of rest I think I am good. We spent 7 days in sunny Destin, Florida with the Carter's, Leonard's, and the Walker's joined us for a couple of days too!! So much fun!!!
This pic was outside the Lucky Snapper where we ate one night, thought it just looked neat!

The kids patiently waiting for the golf cart to take them to the beach.
The sun is in my eyes mom.....
My little Coopster, he was a trooper on the beach, but we had our moments!
Madi and Easton at the edge of the water for the first time.
Tristan, again, mom my eyes, I think he has eyes, never opened them for a picture though???
Playing in the sand under the tent, which was a life saver!!!
Easton and Coop busy, busy, busy....
Coop buried in the sand.
And finally, we fell asleep on the beach in the sand...he did this two of the days we were out there. He didn't like the water for the first three days we went to the beach, but finally on Friday he decided he liked it!! Go figure!
I have so many pics I will have to do several posts!


  1. Glad you had fun!! I would love to go to Destin sometime, I have never been there. Can't wait to see your pictures. We took Lauren last year and she had her moments too, and I have a picture just like the one above sound asleep.

  2. Looks like a great time! Welcome Home!