Monday, July 12, 2010

Madison's Baseball Party

      We hosted Madison's tee ball party at the house yesterday afternoon and it was hot outside!!!! I think I had a sweat mustache the whole time!!! But the kids were cool in the pool!!! We had a geat time and the little kids have had a great year for their first year of tee ball, Coach Josh did great with them!! It takes some patience with a bunch of 4 and 5 year olds, trying to teach them what to do and not to do on the field....
The cake, umm good!!!
The tee ball team with coach Josh. I took several of these, but as you can imagine, there was always someone not looking, with their mouth open, something!! But their all still cute!

Here is my little tee ball girl, who had a bad case of swimmers ear, but we managed to stuff cotton in her ear, and she had strick orders to not get it wet!!
A sea of floaties was in the pool!
I think this is Ty going off the slide and Landen standing beside it.
And here is Landan Nelms with his tube going down the slide, later he became a professional nerf water gun shooter, getting everyone in sight!
Camden and Corbyn
Some of the great parents on the team trying to stay cool in the shade.
Amber, Ashley, and Jennifer
And here is Lily and Madi having ice cream in the shade.

It was a great party and I hope everyone enjoyed it!!


  1. love the table decor, only Heather!! So cute!

  2. Really cute, Amber looks like a supermodel or a Real House Wife of Orange County. Looking good for it being 120 degree, lol. You should be a party planer Heather.