Tuesday, July 27, 2010


  The girls traveled down to Seaside one day with Coop and Easton to see what this Seaside was all about.... Our good friend Tonia is in love with Seaside, and now I totally see why!! It is just the neatest little town!!
The view to the beach is just a little more calm looking....

This is a row of Airstream's with little eating joints.

Coop sitting at one of the cute little table's.

Queen Bee Cupcakes

The so cute post office!

Easton and Coop

This was this outside store with all these little boothes, so, so pretty.

Tons of jewelry and clothes.

Another view

This pic was taken in this big lighthouse looking thing, it was the coolest spot there, did I say that it was sooo hot, literally sweat running down all of us, the kind where when you get back in the car, you get cold, because your soaked!!

It was just beautiful! I am so glad we drove down there. I didn't get any pics of the houses around, but they were beautiful too!!
So Tonia, I think I might have fell in love too! We so missed you not being there with us!!

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