Wednesday, July 28, 2010


      Ok, one more post on our vacation, I think.....
This is Evan and Madi Bell, and these two were having a ball here on the Dolphin Cruise, they played forever.

So sweet...they are.

Madi, Tristan, Braxton, and Peyton at Bruster's for ice cream. It was so good, we went two night in a row!

These two are looking so big...

Madi enjoying her ice cream.

Eric enjoying his brownie fudge sundae!

Coop enjoying the three bites he took of his, I learned to not order, just eat the leftovers!!

I guess the gator has Braxton down here in this picture???

Madi, Brooks, and Evan building a sandcastle, well until Cooper or Easton walked by and stomped it! Got to love toddlers!!!

Coop and Eric on the night we did pics with Shannon, can't wait to see them!!!!
We had a really great time with everyone!!! Can't wait to do it again!

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