Wednesday, June 16, 2010

1 Year Anniversary in the House

     Well I "thought" today was the 1 year anniversary that we lived in the house, but to my surprise it was on the 11th! How did I miss that??? Eric said it was the 11th, I said no it's the 16th, I looked it up, it's the 11th. One point for Eric...  Anyways we have been here now for a year and 5 days! Ha! Here is a pic of what she looked like on the outside when we bought her...
The trees were hanging to the ground and you could hardly see the house.

These pics aren't the greatest, but you get the idea.

And this is what it looks like today. We trimmed the trees back added cedar shutters, new sidewalk, and all new landscaping, and cedar poles on the porch. She does look better, but I still have plans for her....

I can't wait for the landscaping to all grow in big, it's looks kind of wimpy here. We have made a lot of changes so far for a year's time, but there is so many more things I want to do!! This remodeling thing has been trying on me... Eric would stay here for the rest of his life, I am not sure about that though??? I miss a "new" house, high ceilings, everything seems nice and clean, so we will see in time. We have done a lot in the house too, it just seems like it is taking forever...

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  1. I am just utterly impressed with what you have been able to accomplish in one year's time....I still have boxes in my garage and we have almost been here a year!
    You go girl (and you are more than welcome over here to help anytime! hee!hee!)