Monday, June 21, 2010

Fun At The Natural's Game

     Saturday night we went to the Natural's game. It started out very hot, I thought it might just be miserable hot, but a front came through and cooled it down to the point I actually had goose bumps! This is only the second time we have been, but we love it! The San Diego Chicken was there this time, and he was a hoot!! They won too, so that is always a plus!!! Here are some pics of everyone.

Everyone got a foam finger!

The family, already sweating and we weren't even to our seats, thought I might cut my hair off it was so hot!

The San Diego Chicken, he was just too funny!!

Camden, Braxton, Tristan, Tatum, and Peyton

Coop and Easton- at first we were thinking, "what were we thinking bringing them to this game???", but they both ended up being pretty good!

Corbyn and Madi Bell dancing

James and Stacy- I think this is a really great pic!!

Amber and Joe- this is a great pic too!!

Eric and Madi Bell, I think they look a like??? Ha!

Me and Eric, looks like I am afraid of the sun! But really I have a little color, just nothing compared to Jose there beside me!!

We had a great time, can't wait to do it again!!!

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  1. Fun! I have been wanting to take the kids.
    I see Amber is sporting one of Lindsey's necklaces!! HA!