Monday, June 14, 2010

Family Fun In Branson Part 1

     Well we had a great time on our family Branson trip. My parents had gotten all of us season passes for Silver Dollar City, so we all loaded up for a weekend trip!

This was at breakfast at Silver Dollar City. Madi was a little scared, so "Aunt" Kyle stepped in to help.

Eli, Weston, and Tristan on the new Tom Sawyer ride.

Madi and Kylie.

This is what Coop did most of the day, steel everyone's drink, but you couldn't blame him, it was HOT!!

Coop and I on the catipillar's, we made it through this ride, but when we got on the frog's, well let's just say he wanted off of them!! Yikes!!!

Lexi, sitting in the shade trying to cool down.

Madi Bell, down at Splash Harbor. Disappointed that they got rid of the area where the kids get soaked.

Tristan, sweating like crazy, did I mention it was hot, and it is only the middle of June!!

We had a really great day out at the park, the kids were really good for the most part, even Coop!!

This is the boys at the Hard Luck Diner. We have never ate here for some reason, but it was so good and so much fun! The servers sing while you eat.

Me and Eric

Weston and Coop- this is just the cutest pic!!

Do I even need to say anything??? We ordered 2 of them!!

Everyone got their turn to dig in, this one was a bananna split.

They ate every single bite of it! We had a brownie one, and it was good!!

Thanks Mema and Papa for a great weekend!!!
I will post more pics later!!


  1. We love to eat at the hard luck! Looks like a fun time was had by all!