Friday, June 11, 2010

Our First ER visit

      Well we had our first ER visit at this house, pretty good since we have three kids and the third one is the first to have to go. Hopefully we won't make habit of it. It all began Sunday night around 9:30 when Cooper and Madi climbed in bed with me to watch tv, they were still for awhile, probably a few minutes to be exact, then they started jumping on the bed, mostly Coop. I told him to stop he was going to get hurt, so he sat back down, then back up again he went jumping, I really don't know why it is so fun anyways, we have one of them memory foam mattresses, so really there isn't much spring to the bed??? Anyways, he finally layed down beside me all covered up watching tv, so I got up to get a bottle of water, and well you can tell where the rest of the story is going, he decided to jump and he fell and hit his head on the footboard of the bed. Tristan was the first on the scene and he was crying and yelling saying "Coop is bleeding Dad", so Eric ran in there, and I here "what in the world happened???", so I ran and there was blood everywhere, looked like his head had been cut with a knife!! Very scary, but we cleaned it up some, but it wouldn't quit bleeding so we decided to go to the ER. Luckily our visit wasn't very long, about an hour at 11pm on a Sunday night. They didn't do stitches, just cleaned it out good, put three pieces of tape on it and glued it. He is doing good except for the fact you can't get it wet, hard to wash hair on a 2 year old without getting their face wet!

So sweet looking, I mean how could he ever not mind??? Maybe he will quit jumping on the bed now, but I doubt it!!!

A pic of our wound, he may look like he has a unibrow??? It will probably scar they said, but he will grow out of it for the most part.

So I guess we are pretty lucky that this was our first visit to the ER and I hope our last!

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  1. Poor guy! We have had the exact.same.thing. happen w/ Dace. However, he didn't cut his head, just hit it hard. I can't imagine the horror. We have only had 1 ER visit but left before he was seen b/c the knot was going down. Yikes!