Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day!!!

     Happy Father's Day all you dad's out there!! I hope you are having the best day with your family's. We have had a great day here at the Goodwin house. We got in late last night from a Natural's game, so we slept in and went to church, then spent the afternoon at my parents house. Eric's parents joined us there for dinner, which is such a blessing not to have to rush around to everyone's house, we get to sit and enjoy everyone. It was a great lunch, thanks mom!!

     The kids got Eric a card, movie, and a big bag of M&M's, one of his favorite! I got him a new grill a few weeks ago and told him it was for Father's Day!! My kids love their daddy so very much, they can't wait to see him every day when he comes home! He really is a great dad! I hope he had a great day! We love you Eric!!!

Happy Father's Day Daddy!!

We love you!!

I can't post without saying Happy Father's Day to my dad! A father and daughter have a very unique bond, and me and my dad do too! I just thank God for such a wonderful and caring dad. I became really close to my dad after I got married, he has taught me so much, he is always there for me, whether I need him to fix something, or need him to watch my kids and he always has an ear to listen and give advice when needed. I see him in myself in a lot of ways, my creativity, my emotional side, my joking side.He is one of the funniest people I know and is one of the nicest people I know. So here's to my dad, I love you and I need you, you see my dad told me today how their preacher talked about how people do not tell other people they "need" them, especially men, we made a point to tell each other face to face that we need each other. I love you dad!! Thanks for all you do!!

Our funny side.

Happy Father's Day dad!!

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