Friday, December 31, 2010

Christmas Eve 2010

     We had a wonderful Christmas this year with our family and friends. It was very busy as usual, but I guess that is what makes it Christmas, trying to spend time with everyone! I love, love, love this time of year!!! So here are some pictures of our Christmas Eve...
We have Christmas Eve at my mom's during the day. Here is Eric and Madi Bell.

This little boy laughed and laughed, he so enjoys all the attention at Grandma's house!!

Mema and Papa, with Chevy Chase on the tv, wouldn't be Christmas without watching Christmas Vacation!!! :)

Madi Bell with some money from Grandma Bell and Papa George.

Coop played like this all day, this little boy loves him some tractors.

Oh, look who I found, Tristan, he is getting so big and seems to disappear from the camera!

Now we have moved on to Christmas Eve night at Aunt Linda's and Uncle Chuck's. Coop was riding the horse, lots of quarters were used that evening!!!

Opening gifts.

A shot of everyone.

Madi Bell got a Barbie.

Cooper got a truck and horse trailor.

Tristan got a new lego set.

We had a very nice day and couldn't wait to get home to get ready for Santa!!!

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