Friday, December 31, 2010

Goodbye 2010....

     Well today is the last day of 2010...this year has went by so fast!! I have been starting to take down my Christmas decorations today, which makes me very comes and goes so fast it seems, and I just want to enjoy my kids as much as possible during the season. But we have had a wonderful Christmas. Our year has been good too, everyone was well, we took our first family vacation this year, Madison started kindergarten, Tristan turned 10, Madi 6, and Coop 3. I do pray for a better year next year for our business though, this has been one of our worst years ever for us since we started it 10 years ago, the economy has been bad for so many people this year, so I pray for 2011 to be a better year for anyone struggling in any way.             
May you all find good health, peace, love, and happiness in the New Year!!!
Blessings To All
Happy New Year!!!
The Goodwin Family

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