Friday, December 31, 2010

Christmas Night At Mema's and Papa's

     Well the day is coming to an end, but we have one more stop at Mema's and Papa's for some dinner and presents...let the fun begin!!!
My parents go way over board on the presents, but we do love it!!!

Too very excited little boys...

I wonder what it is???

Everyone is so busy opening, it's crazy!! There are 8 kids in all, so there is no way to see what everyone gets.

A new scarf and purse.

Coop was all the talk this year, because he got the "big" gift, you know how it is everyone wants the really big box under the tree, until you are an adult, then you like small boxes or gift cards!! Oh, by the way the box was a John Deer Tractor "Pachoe" as Coop called it, this little boy was on cloud 9!!!

Sardines' for Tristan, that's right, I said Sardine's, my dad is a jokester and he put them in their stockings, but Tristan will eat them too!!! Crazy I know!!

Some pj's for Coop and some clothes.

My sister-in-law and I had to play a game to get our gifts, my dad thought we should have to work for ours, I had to look in the dryer, bathroom, china cabinet, etc.. till I found my gift cards, which I love!!!

We had a wonderful Christmas with our families, we are very blessed to have them all in our lives!!
Thanks Mema and Papa for a wonderful Christmas!!
We love you!!!

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