Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas Around Our House

     Well I thought I would go ahead and take some pictures of the house while it is still clean from this weekend's party all decorated before the kids destroy it, so here it is....Christmas at our house.
This is the tree in the dining room. It's done all in red and green.

View of tree and table.

My Christmas table centerpiece. I found these grapevine trees and then added some fresh cedar pieces, and I love it!!!

I guess you could call this the "foyer", this house is so open, it isn't really???

Now we will call it the buffett, with it's cute little reindeer I got at Kirkland's last year.

I was trying different settings, this kind of makes my head hurt!

Here is Christmas in the kitchen, simple with a few pieces of fresh cedar.

My little tea set from WalMart last year.

I found these at Pier One this year, too cute!!

The back platter was from Wal-Mart this year and the front one is from last year. Got to love you some Wally World!!

Some more grapevine trees on the kitchen table.

The two small trees in the kitchen.

Christmas in the living room, my big tree, kind of hard to get a good pic of it, it has a lot of black mesh ribbon on it and leopard.

Simple coffee table with a few greens and oranaments.

The mantle.

Some red feather trees.

A little close up of the tree.

On the sofa table.

This is Cooper's tree, and I just love it!!! Sock monkey tree!!!

Madi Bell's tree, it's white with colored lights, which I am not really a fan of it, but it works for her room.

And this is Tristan's tree, it's mostly sports stuff.

So there it is, nothing exciting, I am trying to add a few new things here and there without going Christmas crazy with decorations. I wanted to just add some things to my decor I already have, without having to move everything out!

Hope you enjoyed the tour!!!
Happy Christmas Decorating!!!


  1. It's gorgeous! Thanks for sharing w/ us!

  2. How awesome, this must take a while to put up and take down. You are so talented Heather.