Monday, December 20, 2010

Tristan's Football Party

      We had Tristan's football party back in November....but I am just now posting some pics.

       They had a great year, we were on the 4th grade blue pittbulls and dad was even the head coach! And he did an awesome job I think! I think the boys had a really great time and hopefully they learned something this year! Tristan LOVES football!!! I am pretty sure it is his favorite sport.

       Here are a few pics of their party...

Their trophies for the year.

The cake.

The table decorated for the party.

The team and coaches.

Tristan receiving his trophy.

This was before a game one Saturday.

I really wish I had some more pics, that is one thing I want to work on this next year...

It was a lot of fun this year, can't wait for next year!!! :)

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