Sunday, December 12, 2010

Christmas Open House Tour

      Today Stacy, me, and her mom went on the East Hills Christmas Open house tour. I love me an open house!! I was to chicken to take my camera in the first house, and so wish I would have, it was very pretty. I did manage to take pics in two houses though, so let's take a look!!
This is the second house we went into, and I love her style of decorating! I love this big piece by the table, she has redone it and it's beautiful!

There is kind of glare from the windows, I am so jealous of all the windows, I miss them greatly!!

A better pic of the cabinet.

This is one of her little girls bedrooms, too sweet!!! She actually had 3 trees in her room!

This is the other little girl's room, it was so cute too!

The Master bedroom.

There were 3 trees in the master too, just beautiful!

The master bath.

The built in office space.

The kitchen table.

A little Christmas cheer in the kitchen.

Another shot of the kitchen.

This is the first pics of the second house, this house was photographed in At Home Arkansas, and it is very beautiful, like nothing you have seen. Looks kind of like a Pottery Barn book!! I loved these stockings!!!

This is in the library.

This tree was in the foyer.

The Master Suite....

This is in the kitchen, I love the Believe letters!!

This is like a little sun porch.

This is like a little breakfast nook. Kind of looks like inside a MarketPlace!

The formal diningroom. I like how she mixed the animal prints.

And this was also in the formal dining room.

I forgot to take the pic of the family room, the kids rooms, etc...I was trying to soak it all in!

The houses were just beautiful. I know they put a lot of hard work and time into them.

Happy Holidays!!!

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing! I didnt make it so I appreciate a taste of the tour. Glad you all went!