Friday, December 31, 2010

Christmas Day 2010

     Santa came!!!! I don't sleep hardly at all Christmas Eve night, I get just as excited as the kids do!! We put cookies out for Santa and got everyone snuggled in bed, then morning came and I had to wake everyone up!!!
Christmas morning....

more presents...I guess they were good this year! Atleast most of the time! ;)

Everyone is still trying to wake up...

Miss Madi with some new jewelry.

Opening presents...

He wanted a red guitar...

Tristan thought all he was getting was was quite funny listening to him complain about all the clothes!!!

But then finally something good!! The older they get, the quanity changes because of the cost!!!

This little girl was tickled to get "fake" nails, she loved them!! She also got a new Karoake machine, which I might add, mommy here is really starting to rock at!! Well atleast in my head I am!!!

More clothes, you can tell by his face he is excited!! Ha!! Santa did bring him an XBox too, so it wasn't all clothes for Christmas!!!

New weedeater and chainsaw, and this little guy was very content!! Ahh, I love this age!!!

What a mess of trash....but boy was it fun!!!
I hope they got what they wanted, as their parents you just want to see a smile on their faces and be happy! And most of all, I still want them to know what this day is really about...
Happy Birthday Sweet Jesus!!
We Are So Thankful For You!!!

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