Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Monkey's at Our House

      Lately at our house a few monkey's have shown up....maybe it's the weather, wanting to be hanging from tree's instead of stuck inside...

This was the first monkey to appear, "baby monkey"...

Baby Monkey watching football, must have been a touchdown!

And then "Disco" monkey appeared, busting a move.

Still busting a move...

Then "Mommy" monkey appeared, looking a little stiff if you ask me???

There that is better...looks much more comfy watching tv!

And then "Daddy" monkey showed up, looking a little serious...maybe it's the pink bow he doesn't like???

There is another monkey running around here too...but he has not been "caught" by the camera yet...but it's a coming, no hiding from me!

Fun times here!!!


  1. Wow!! Glad you all are having fun!! HA!

  2. cute! I love your daughers pants those are so cute. I will buy those from you!! Love them.