Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentine's Day 2011

      Valentine's Day...what can I say, I really think this day is overrated! Ha! I know my kids love it though! Eric and I, we just get a nice card and each other's favorite candy and call it good!
My Valentine flag, I really do love this flag. I have had it for years.

I did make a Valentine wreath for my door, I need to add some more to it next year.

A closer look.

I have made all the treat bags...

and the sugar cookies, per Tristan's request, no store bought he said!

And well, this little goodies here, they are getting me in some TROUBLE!!! I think I have ate my weight in them, and I am not kidding!!! It should be interesting when I go to my yearly next week and have gained 10 lbs since last year, I think I will just bring the empty bags and clip it to my chart, so we won't have to discuss it!! :)
I worked at the school delivering Valentine orders and oh my, I was just amazed at what some of these kids get.....like I said, over-rated!!!
We did have a nice day though.
Happy Valentine's Day!!!

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