Monday, February 21, 2011

Boot Love...

      For Christmas my mom and dad got me a gift card for Cavender's to get some new boots. I haven't had a pair of cowboy boots since high school, which I did  wear while I sported my Rocky jeans! Ha! But since the cowboy boot comeback, as I like to call it, has come back into style, I decided to get some. I went and ordered these the day after Christmas, took 4 wks to get them in, then they were too big!!! So back to reorder and finally I have some "boot love"!!! I can't wait to wear them! Now I wonder if I can find any of my old jeans.....just kidding!!!!
I haven't been this excited about something to wear in a long time!

I kind of feel like I need to do a line dance just to break these babies in...


  1. Yeah, I donated a very tall and colorful stack of Rockies about 5 years ago. It was hard.