Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Snow Days....

      I am behind on my posts, so for my memory I am going to go ahead and post. First, yes the snow is pretty, but I am so over it!!! With 3 kids and a husband home, well, that can make a mommy crazy for days!!! My bunch went sledding several times, Coop did not like it, so he and I stayed in where it was warm!
Snow Day February 2011

Making the walk up the Vache hill for some sledding!

Tristan... and who is that behind him, I think it's James from like 1995, skinny guy!!! Really he has lost a lot of weight and looks like he did back in the day! :) 

The Curry Clan fixing to hit the slope! Evidentally this orange sled Eric bought, was the bomb!

Madi Bell with her snow ball....

Big kid and Madi Bell

Coop on the backhoe, as usual.... :) This kid loves him some backhoes and dumptrucks!

I think everyone enjoyed the snow, I just have seen enough for this year!
Bring on Spring!!!

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