Monday, January 31, 2011

Much Needed Girl Time...

      Oh my, where have I been??? Can you say stomach bug, flu, upper respiratory, sinus infection, and then dear ol' mom got a really bad UTI!!! Yikes, it was a wild week and a half. I am praying that everyone stays well for awhile now....please Lord! So we haven't been out of our little cabin here for awhile, so glad we had some beautiful weather this last weekend. Madi, my mom, and I did a little shopping on Saturday, which was nice, except for the whole bathingsuits are out thing??? I know they come out early every year, but I just think it is rude!!

      On Saturday night the men folk went to the Outdoor Sports Banquet, while the ladies went over to Mrs. Shania's house for dinner and conversation! Kids were included with the meal too! But that was ok, they were all great! She made some awesome white chicken chili, oh my, I ate two bowls of it, so good!!!
         PS. We missed you Mrs Walker!!! Was so looking forward to seeing you!! :(
Lily, Lauren, and Madi

Lily, Carson, Madi, Hudson, and Lauren- There were several more, but they didn't stop to eat!

Mandi, Shania, and Tonia- you can tell they were loving the spring time weather, with their pretty yellow shirts!

Me and Stacy

Madi during the "fashion show", she had so much fun with the girls, Lauren even painted her fingernails for her, thanks Lauren, she loves them! :)

And Miss Lily, sweet as pie, during her runway walk.

Thanks Shania and all the ladies for a great night!

PS- I have some more posts coming, something big for our family is coming, and no I am not pregnant! Ha!!


  1. Oh, I was soooooooooooo sad to miss it, you have no idea. He still feels so bad. :( Glad you guys are better. Hope to see you very soon. And, please don't leave that carrot dangling like know I can't handle it! :)

  2. Just had to say that I like the color of your hair, it looks good!