Sunday, January 9, 2011

First Snow, Moss Balls, and Sugar Cookies!

     It is January 9, 2011 and we are having our first snowfall of this year. It is really pretty, even though it gets messy!
This is early when it first is definetly covered now this evening. Cooper has told me 20 times it is snowing, so cute!! He is ready to go out in it and play!

And now for some moss balls....I couldn't resist, had to have and Madi went to Hobby Lobby yesterday just to get some! This one has landed here, but may be moved, it has two siblings too, and then there are some children of it too, that will need to find a home. But I love them!!! Thanks SW for posting them and for the inspiration...I have needed some after you take down the Christmas decor inspiration, it seems so boring around here!

Here is little Coop enjoying some sugar cookies I made on this snowy afternoon. And might I say, I am really a chocolate lover, but there is something about these sugar cookies that I just can't resist! They are not being very kind to the waistline either...

Little Miss Madi Bell helping with the cookies, pink and purple icing per her request, blue and green for the boys, go figure!

I hope everyone is enjoying some good family time during this cold, snowy day!!!
I know we are!!

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