Friday, January 14, 2011

Snow Day

      Well it wasn't a lot of snow, but we managed to go out and play in it anyways! Here are a few pics of the kids playing, having a snow ball fight with Eric, who has no mercy on these poor babies, he acts like he is 12 again, and we rode all the ride on toys for like 30 minutes, then they died from it being so cold!
I put out my winter flag just in time for the snow.

Cooper and Tristan, driving Tristan's old gator, which he still tells Coop, "it's mine, but you can drive it", something about a ride on toy!

Made Bell and me

Madi Bell was getting into throwing snow balls at Tristan.

And the "big" kid throwing snow balls, I literally have to get on to him like a kid.

Tristan just got "hit", nothing like a good ol' wet snowball!

Tristan, Madi, Eric, and Coop

Tristan, Madi, Heather, and Coop

We had fun while it lasted, but I am sure glad it is melting! I am not enjoying such cold weather, ready for some sunshine, flowers, green grass, and some pool time!!

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