Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A Much Needed Girls Night Out

     I know I haven't been around much for the month of January, hopefully I will be better in February! I haven't felt like blogging to be quite honest! Anyways, I did get out of the house Friday night to celebrate Mandi's birthday!!! Which was fun!
The Birthday Girl!!!
 We all got to ride together, which always make it more fun, you know!!! We went to eat at Chili's, had cupcakes from Simply Sweets, which should be called "Simply To Die For", they are wonderful!!!!!

Stacy, Mandi, & Brandy

Shannon, Tonia, & Me

After dinner we went to the movies, where I thought Stacy was going to have a throw down with some teenage girls!! Ha, just kidding!!! They were very rude during the movie though! I hope my kids never act that disrespectful out in public. Other then that, us girls had a great night out, much needed too!!!

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