Monday, June 11, 2012

End of School Year 2012

    I can't believe another school year has past.... :( These kids are growing up way too fast!!! Tristan finished the year with some awards, he received a Citizenship award and Honors Roll for the year, we are so proud of him!!! He is an awesome student and I hope he continue's to take pride in exceling in school.
End of 5th grade awards ~ CAN'T believe he is going into the 6th grade!!!!

Proud mom & Tristan

Madi Bell had her 1st grade Fun Day and I attended with her, she had a blast and it was super HOT!!!

Madi Bell and Taylor ~ Her BFF

Madi Bell, Taylor, & Maycie ~ These girls have been friends since preschool.

Keeping Cool.....

Madi Bell and Mrs. Barker ~ We can't speak the praises of her enough, she is a super talented teacher!!! We loved her!!!

Both kids had great school years, it went by so fast...even Tristan said it was fast!! They both ended the year with all A's, which makes this mama proud!!! :) Next year, it is 6th grade, 2nd grade, AND Coop goes to preschool every day for half a day.... tears.... :(

So now, here is to a Great Summer!!!! :))))

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