Monday, May 7, 2012

Baseball, Softball, & Swimming...

     Where have we been??? Well we have been doing some of this.....
Madi Bell is playing softball for the first time, they are the Cheetah's, and she loves it! And little Coop is playing his first year of tee ball, and he loves it too!! And I love it too.... :)

And we have been spending a lot of time outside doing this..... Notice the scrape on his eye, scooter wreck! :( Scooters don't go over water hoses very good!!!

And's amazing what you can give them to entertain them....Ha!!

Here is Ella...she will not stay inside if we are outside, but poor thing gets so hot!! She did take a dip in the pool though!

And even before church, we are thinking about this.....I think it's going to be a hot one this year too.....

That is how we have been spending our days lately, well school is still in, but not for long!!! I am busy right now too, I am working on some stuff for church and working on a master bedroom for someone. Hopefully I will get back soon to post some of the other things we have been up too... There is part of me that wants to sit and rest, but who has time for that with 3 kids!!!
LoVe My LiFe!!!

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