Wednesday, August 17, 2011

A Wreath & A Birthday Lunch

      I was going to try to post pics of Madi and Coop's first day of school, but I am having trouble loading them off my phone! So I will just post a picture of the wreath I made for Shannon! Today is her birthday!!
Mrs. Shannon asked me to make her a new wreath....I hope you like it!!!! :)))

She wants to know her 40th Birthday party details, but they are being kept a secret....

So I thought I would let her atleast see her wreath before Saturday!

Here is the birthday girl! I love this picture, she looks so happy!

Me, Shannon, and Stacy

Tracy, Shania, Tonia, and Mandi

Her other birthday hat! So, so, so cute!!!

Her "mustard" Hobo wallet!

It was a really fun birthday lunch with the girls!!!
Can't wait for this weekend!!!
Happy 40th Birthday
Mrs. Shannon!!!
Love You!
Oh, and can I just say how amazing you make 40 look!!!! You look Fabulous!!!!

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  1. Great job on the wreath, you are good girl!!