Monday, October 18, 2010

Madi Bell's 6th Birthday Party

      Friday night we celebrated Madi Bell's 6th birthday with a hayride and wiener roast. And I think everyone had a really good time, even the birthday girl!!! :)))

Miss Madi Bell- 6 yrs old October 15, 2010

Coop found the tractor right off and him and Easton stayed on it till dark.

Paige, Madi, Taylor, Corbyn

Paige, Madi, Kylie, Taylor, Ashlyn, & Corbyn

Weston and Tristan

Carson and Lilly, these two crack me up... :) they remind me of Coop and Madi so much.

And these two, well these two don't stand a chance, but they are so darn cute aren't they??? :))

Singing the birthday song.

Opening presents, thanks to everyone for the gifts! Notice little Evan Walker at Madi's side, he is just precious the way he is to Madi, love it!!

This girl here is a just full of energy, love it too!!

I think we got 3 jewelry making kits, can you say beads, beads, beads everywhere!!! They are fun though!

Everyone getting ready for the hayride, it was fun!

Noah and Paige

And look at these two sweeties, so well mannered. Evan was sitting across from Madi, he sweetly said, "Happy Birthday Madi Bell", she told him he had told her 10 times already!! Typical girl for you!

The cake, it was too cute and so, so good, and every single bite of it was gone!

It was a wonderful evening and thanks to everyone for making great memories with us on Madi Bell's 6th Birthday!!!



  1. So much fun! I am glad Madi had a great time! Sorry about the beads, beads, beads everywhere! I know you are just lovin' that!